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We ask you to donate any amount you are capable and comfortable in giving. Your donation will help improve the lives of Mattapan residents. Thank you for helping to change lives! 




Want to write a check instead? 

Make it out to TSNE MissionWorks, Inc and put MFFC in the memo and send it to:


Attn: Accounts Receivable

TSNE MissionWorks, Inc

89 South Street, Suite 700

Boston, MA 02111

why give?

MFFC provides programming and hosts events throughout the year to boost the physical and emotional well-being of Mattapan residents. MFFC's work to improve the physical environment is done in order to promote good health for all. All of MFFC's activities are free for residents of Mattapan because we believe money should not be a barrier to healthy living.


With farmer's markets, community fitness events, and advocating for more green and open spaces in the neighborhood, MFFC hopes to make their dream of a healthier and safer Mattapan community a reality. With the help of generous donations, MFFC hopes to be able to strengthen its reach and continue to provide health and wellness options for the people of Mattapan. 


  • Bringing more awareness to food assistance programs such as SNAP, WIC and normalizing the use of them

  • Support community advocacy effort when it comes to the Blue Hill Ave Transportation Action Plan, Mattapan Square, and Cummins Highway

  • Empower residents to take control of their eating habits no matter their budget in partnership with Boston Organization of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Color

  • Continue our support to the Edgewater Neighborhood Association to build a walking path

  • Onboard at least two full time Program Managers to serve our community

  • Continue our transportation talks (T-Talks) conversation series where residents can understand the connection between transportation and how it affects them as an individual/their quality of life

  • Providing virtual fitness classes

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