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Physical Activity

We engage the community in alternative ways to get their bodies moving without traveling far.

Mattapan Moving For Life

Mattapan Moving for Life is an annual event that kickoffs MFFC’s summer programming of healthy eating and physical activity events. At this event, we showcase Mattapan and Boston food and health resources, promote healthy eating, and host physical activity events. Mattapan Moving for Life features local fitness instructors that provide interactive sessions, nutritionists and dietitians that provide food demonstrations, and presentations and walks.

Where: Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St, Mattapan

When: TBD, stay tuned!

Questions: reach out to


We bring the Mattapan community together through walking groups in green spaces near residents. With our focus on walking within the Mattapan community, we aim to increase appreciation and utilization of existing Mattapan resources — our community, parks, and green spaces. Join us in our community walks to help foster community cohesion! Our walking events are year-round: Mattapan-Walks Walking Challenge, Nature Walk and Tea Party at the Boston Nature Center, and general walks with partner organizations such as the Mattapan Branch Library.


In 2023, Mattapan residents accumulated over 6 MILLION steps through out walks!

Fitness Classes

Keep your body moving with Mattapan Food and Fitness! Classes include Zumba, Cardio, Yoga, Jujitsu, Yoga, and more. We host free fitness classes at local Mattapan community churches, community gardens, the Mattapan Square Farmers Market, and more!


MFFC focuses on promoting biking as a means to physical activity and alternative transportation. We want to show Mattapan residents that there are alternatives to driving and using public transportation. MFFC is working on advocating for safer bike routes and helping residents feel safer biking in green spaces.

Our Vigorous Youth Program runs our biking activities, providing our youth great leadership opportunities! Programming includes the annual Mattapan on Wheels Bike-a-thon, community bike rides, and free bike repair workshops.


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Dance Fitness

Kay Savage, our Active Living and Environment Coordinator, highlights the many benefits of dance fitness. She emphasizes its social advantages, low-impact movements, and the sheer joy it brings. According to Kay, “Seeing people show up for their health and have a good time doing it is always a great moment.”

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