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Community Empowerment

We give residents the tools + education to advocate for the resources needed for their community.

MFFC helps to bring awareness to challenges that are affecting the Mattapan community while centralizing the community and their voices. We do so by putting community residents in leadership roles, collaborating with neighborhood associations, and connecting residents with individuals who can help them with the challenge they are facing. Our approach to fostering community empowerment is collaborative and reflective of MFFC as a Mattapan community organization. MFFC is an avenue for Mattapan residents to grow into confident community leaders, advocating for their community!

MFFC and residents smile in a picture in front of the Neponset River Greenway
Mattapan residents in green space
Healthy Neighborhood Studies

The Healthy Neighborhood Study is run by local residents, grassroots advocacy organizations, the Conservation Law Foundation, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. A survey was developed with a team of resident researchers (community members) and is being used to determine what matters most to residents when it comes to building healthy neighborhoods. The survey data documents how a neighborhood's existing residents are affected by rapid development in their community.

Healthy Neighborhood Studies

See here to explore the data

See here to visit the HNS website

Community Led Projects

  • Walking Path​

  • De-polluting the Neponset River​

  • Food Forest​

  • Community Celebrations

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