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We advocate for changes that promote community cohesion and increased physical activity and healthy eating options through the activation and creation of green spaces (parks, open fields) and blue spaces (water)

Neponset River Greenway Trail 

As a partner in the Neponset River Greenway Council, MFFC has advocated for the extension of the Neponset River Greenway in Mattapan. The Neponset River Greenway is a walking and biking trail along the Neponset River. The Mattapan section - between Mattapan Square and Central Avenue - went uncompleted for 20+ years. Thanks to the support from Governor Deval Patrick, funds were made available to complete the missing link. We are now encouraging Mattapan residents to walk, bike, and run on this beautiful asset. In addition, we advocate for the cleaning up of the river. 

The Neponset River Greenway Trail was named one of 6 great public places by the American Planning Association!

Neponset River Greenway Trail bridge during the fall
MFFC members celebrate at Fairmount Greenway
Fairmount Greenway

We work with the Fairmount Greenway Coalition to increase parks and green space along the Fairmount Indigo train like. As part of this project we joined the residents of Woolson Street to, transform an empty lot into a communal space of beauty, peace, and healthy food. We also advocated for the re-development of the Kennedy Playground and now working on the extension of a greenway along Edgewater Drive in Mattapan with residents. Visit our events page to see if there are any upcoming events

We love to partner!

MFFC values partnership to support the health of the Mattapan community. We have partners that focus on climate change, water and air quality, trees, and more! We like to work with them to provide educational and advocacy opportunities! Below awesome of our environmental partners:

Edgewater Neighborhood Association: we work with this organization with the building of the Edgewater Food Forest, the walking path, educational opportunities around the EPA superfund site and learning about trees

Healthy Neighborhood Studiesis the largest resident-driven, participatory action research project in the US about neighborhood change processes, like gentrification and climate change, and their impact on health. 

They believe in the expertise of the residents most harshly impacted by gentrification and climate change and of the advocates who work to address these impacts. They are exactly the leaders we need to understand these injustices and develop solutions to correct them. 

They use research to fuel organizing and action for equitable development without displacement in Greater Boston. Through Participatory Action Research (PAR), residents, advocates, and planners work with academic researchers to turn their lived experiences, insights, and expertise into the data, facts, and information.

MFFC and partner programs smile in group photo
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