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Our Mission

MFFC builds intergenerational leadership within Mattapan's Black and Brown community to advocate for equitable access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity.

Our Vision
Mattapan is a healthy and thriving community


Our Mission



About Us

Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition (MFFC) is a Boston grassroots organization, bringing together Mattapan residents, organizations and others to work on improving the food and physical activity environments in Mattapan. MFFC provides leadership opportunities for all ages through community engagement and empowerment. Our organization grew out of an effort to draw on the wonderful ethnic and cultural diversity of the Mattapan community to promote a healthy living environment, with a focus on access to healthy foods and the promotion of physical fitness for all ages.

MFFC is not an official 501(c)(3). Our fiscal sponsor, Third Sector New England Inc, holds responsibility for our funds and provides us with comprehensive financial management.

Our Impact


individuals served at the

Mattapan Square Farmers Market

raised at our Black

Lives Green Spaces Campaign

walking steps

accumulated by residents

Youth Hiring Opportunities

Our Vigorous Youth Program is currently hiring

Community First

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Vigorous Youth 

Join MFFC as a Vigorous Youth. Find the job description 

through our Youth Development page

Vigorous Youth Peer Leader

Join MFFC as a Vigorous Youth Youth Leader. Find the job description through our Youth Development page

BIPOC-led Organization

As a BIPOC-led organization, we prioritized diversity at all levels of our team as well as centering BIPOC individuals in our decision-making process. Our staff and youth are people of color from Mattapan and/or have shared lived experience and our advisory board is currently comprised of all BIPOC individuals. Our very own executive director, Shavel’le Oliver, is a Vigorous Youth graduate and is from Mattapan! MFFC is also a racial equity centered organization, with a focus of serving BIPOC communities. As a grassroots organization, we support these communities through authentic partnerships with them and elevating their voices.

Community-Centered Health Solutions

Since we were founded in 2006, we have aimed at improving the health of local residents, particularly obesity, related to poor diets and limited physical activity. Obesity along with other health challenges like diabetes, heart diseases, negatively impact life expectancy. Commission’s Health of Boston 2023 report states that Mattapan has the lowest life expectancy in Boston at 77.3 years - compared to the highest rate at 82.8 years in the Back Bay. To address these health challenges we focus on holistic ways to increase health through programming that engages individuals and the broader community. We do this through culturally relevant cooking and nutrition classes, supporting residents with maintaining garden plots, hosting bike rides and walking activities, running the community's farmers market, advocating for more accessible green spaces for walking and biking, and more!


Our values


Equity & Antiracism

We build agency among community residents to address the historic impact of systemic and institutional racism


Health & Wellness

We advocate alongside the community for policy, system, and structural changes that promote healthy behaviors. We provide and create resources to promote healthy interactions between community members


Community Ownership & Empowerment

We empower residents to voice their needs and wants, build a sense of agency over their health, and create a community they deserve to live in


Relationship Building Grounded in Trust

We commit to building meaningful relationships with the community and collaborating with partners to create a thriving and healthy Mattapan founded on integrity and trust



We honor and recognize that the community's thoughts, feelings, and diverse backgrounds are invaluable and essential to work toward a healthy community.


Youth Power

We believe in the limitless potential of young people and choose to invest in them as the key to a healthier future for our communities and world

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