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2021 Annual Meeting
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The Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition's first ever Annual Meeting was a great success!

During this 1 hour event, we:

  • Shared stories and important statistics about our 5 focus areas.

  • Heard from partners, collaborators, community members, program participants and MFFC staff about how our programs have impacted them.

  • Introduced our Advisory Board and Staff.

  • Played informative and interactive games.

  • Shared our vision of the future for Mattapan and MFFC.

  • Provided an opportunity for community feedback on how they would envision Mattapan in the future.

  • Mattapan Square Farmer's Market

  • Gardening

  • Summer Eat's Program

  • Cooking Classes

  • Mattapan on Wheels

  • Bike Repair Workshops

  • Maintaining Kennedy Children's Garden

  • Community Farm Stand

We give residents the tools + education to advocate for the resources needed for their community with programs and initiatives such as:

  • Walking Path

  • De-polluting the Neponset River

  • Food Forest

  • Nutrition Sessions


We engage the community in alternative ways to get their bodies moving without traveling far with programs and initiatives such as:

  • Mattapan Moving For Life

  • Walking Programs

  • Biking Programs

  • Fitness Classes

  • Neponset River Greenway

  • Fairmont Greenway

We advocate for changes that promote community cohesion and increased physical activity through the creation of welcoming safe parks and green spaces with initiatives such as:

FOOD ACCESS + Nutrition Education

physical activity

youth development



We increase the exposure of healthy, 

affordable, and accessible produce to the community with programs and initiatives such as:

We raise awareness to young people in the community about the importance of eating healthy and different forms of physical activity with programs and initiatives such as:

our 5 focus areas

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