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Weathering COVID-19’s Disruptions Across the Sector: How Nonprofit Leaders Are Managing This

Left to right: Nick Adams, Sue Chandler, Jessica Cohen, and Shavel'le Olivier

Our consulting team at TSNE recognizes that we are all living through a challenging time, and that operational, financial, and emotional disruptions, paired with uncertainty about what will happen next, is creating complexity for us all. Our goal in sharing this and future resources is to leverage our team’s expertise and experience to help make the way forward a little clearer for our nonprofit partners.

We are all grappling with the challenges that COVID-19 has brought in different ways — drawing on different resources, perspectives, and values to make the choices that feel right for our organizations. TSNE spoke with three leaders from across the nonprofit sector about their experiences navigating the crisis:

No matter the field, there were common themes throughout our conversations. From cancelling programming to looking to board leadership for guidance, nonprofit organizations are finding ways to adapt their work while continuing to support their communities. (Responses have been edited for length.)

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