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I'm Hungry Food Panel Recording

Exciting news, 158 people registered for AARP MA's June 20, 2020 "“I’m Hungry” A Panel Discussion on Food Insecurity in the African-American/Black Communities. Moderated by Joseph D. Feaster, Jr. Esq. President and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the  Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, our were panelists:  Vivien Morris, a registered dietitian and local community activist, Josh Trautwein, CEO, About Fresh, and Khara Burns, Director, Food Source Hotline Project Bread. They all spoke honestly and passionately about racism as the underlying cause of hunger in America. 

"We are not talking about a food desert. We are talking about food apartheid. Redlining of neighborhoods, the pro forma denial of loans to business owners in our neighborhoods, lack of access to infrastructure to support the growth and sustainability of these businesses," according to Vivien Morris.

Supported by statistics we talked about the COVID 19 health disparities, unemployment, housing, and public transportation.  And more importantly we shared resources to address the food hunger issues. 

Want to hear and watch what we talked about? Go to the following link:

From AARP: Feel free to share the link with friends and associates. Thank you for your support and remember to check out or web page or follow us on social media or for information on a variety of issues concerning the 50+ community. 

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