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Vivian Oritz Awarded at League of American Byclists Annual Bike Summit

Vivian of Mattapan Food and Fitness coalition was awarded with the Susie Stephens Joyful Enthusiasm Award at the 2019 Bike Summit in Washington D.C. Click below to see her acceptance speech recorded by MassBike. Since 2015 Vivian has contributed her skills, knowledge, and love of teaching others when it comes to the world of active transit, specifically biking.

This award commemorates Susie Stephens, one of the Alliance for Biking & Walking's founders and an enduring inspiration for many members of the bicycle and pedestrian movement. The honor goes to an individual or group who carries on Susie’s passion for advocating for bicycling as a fun and economical means of transportation.

Award Announcement

Acceptance Speech

See other awardees on the League of American Byclists website.

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