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Vigorous Youth Christopher Awarded MYC Youth Civic Award

Youth Program Director Shavel'le, Vigorous Youth Christopher, and Director of Youth Employment & Engagement Rashad Cope

On May 10th one of our Vigorous Youth, Christopher, was awarded a youth civic award for the work he has done while working for Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition (MFFC). Christopher started out volunteering at the Mattapan Square Farmers Market with his brother at the age of 13. MFFC saw potential in this young man and wanted to provide him with a job so he could further his learning in the healthy eating and physical activity environments. Since then Christopher has been instrumental in provided organize fruits and vegetable during the youth -led farm stand in front of the Mattapan Community Health Center, bringing awareness about cycling at the annual Mattapan on Wheels event, and helping to plan and execute the first ever Mattapan Bike Workshop Series in the Mattapan community!

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