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Community Conversation About Cannabis​​

After attending a December community meeting where a proposal was made to put a cannabis shop on Blue Hill Ave and speaking with residents at the Edgewater Drive Neighborhood Association (ENA) meeting, it was clear residents needed to know more about cannabis. In collaboration with the ENA and the Mattapan Neighborhood Council Planning Group, a meeting was had where Dr. Ronald White shared his thoughts around cannibus and answered questions residents had. The meeting allowed residents to learn about the Massachusetts regulations on cannabis sales and the impact on health. A representative from Council President Andrea Campbell's office spoke to residents about the process of applying to own a cannabis shop. Along with the 50+ residents there, the meeting was attended by former District 7 City Councilor Tito Jackson, who is also proposing to open a cannibus shop at 1589 Blue Hill Ave where the current Mattapan Family Laundry Mat is located.

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